Echinacea, often used in herbal remedies to improve the immune system, it may even help reduce the length of a cold.


Delicate violet flowers tied with a pretty pink gingham ribbon.

Cherry Blossoms

Pale pink cherry blossoms, it's hard to believe these delicate buds turn into such bright red fruit!

peace lilies

Small bouquet of calla lilies or peace lilies.

large picture of a daffodil

Large yellow daffodil. This image may be a bit big for some uses, but I left it large since it's easier to resize an image down to the size you need.


A beautiful basket of wildflowers, from a vintage Victorian book I believe.

tropical floral blooms

This picture of colorful tropical flowers is both colorful and soft at the same time... Very pretty!

delicate flowers

Old fashioned image of flowers and butterflies.

Water lily

Water lily and lily pads.


Daffodils, one of the first flowers to bloom in spring.

Cactus Flower

Two potted cactuses (cacti?) with colorful desert flowers blooming.

Decorative Flowers

This picture would be great in so many places, it's very bold both with the colors (rich reds, pinks and blacks) and the design. Very, very pretty!

Outdoor Flowers

Pretty, fresh, almost cartoon style image of two flowers growing outside.

Orange Hibiscus

The next two flowers are hibiscus, this one a nice orange colored blossom...

Hibiscus Red

And this one, a vibrant red hibiscus flower.


Poinsettias, a popular flower during Christmas time.

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