Leprecon bowing

A more elderly little leprechaun wearing the traditional green suit, greets by bowing.

playing violin

Ready to dance an Irish jig in celebration of St. Patrick's Day? This small leprechaun will happily play the violin.

Leprechaun smokes

A very happy Leprechaun on a shamrock smoking a pipe and holding a Shillelagh.


Here's a leprechaun showing where he hid his pot of gold.

leprecaun with cane

A red headed one, leaning on a walking stick and smoking a pipe.

hmmm, wonder what's in his pipe?

Leprechaun smoking a pipe sitting on a large mushroom and holding a lucky four leaf clover.

Laughing Leprechaun

This laughing leprechaun is wearing a green top hat with a gold buckle, smoking a pipe.

partying leprechaun

Dancing leprechaun.

Leprechauns at a party

Small Leprechaun dancing a jig.

leprechaun party

Three drunk leprechauns drinking beer and singing.


Bowing when his dance is done.