Plain Wedding Ring

This simple image of a plain, gold wedding band is the perfect symbol of an upcoming wedding or of being currently married.

Want a high resolution version? Download the zip for a scaleable vector graphic.
gold band with gem

Two gold wedding rings, each with a matching red heart-shaped ruby.

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Engagement Ring In Box

A solitary diamond set in either silver or white gold inside a heart shaped gift box.

Download the zip file for the vector version.
wedding bands

A small image of a diamond engagement ring and matching wedding band encrusted with three diamonds.

engagement ring animation

Animated diamond engagement ring set in silver or platinum.

Diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement ring in a blue box.

marriage bands

A set of marriage bands tied together with a blue ribbon.

diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement ring in a purple jewellers box.

doves wedding rings

Another image of doves with a ribbon and intertwined wedding rings.

rings on pillow

Clipart of two wedding rings on a blue pillow that is often carried by the ring-bearer during the ceremony.


Two doves pulling a ribbon with wedding rings.

2 bands

Another set of gold wedding rings.