baby items

This adorable background shows lots of different baby supplies like bottles, strollers and toys.

cowboy on the moon

Baby cowboy riding the crescent moon, holding a blue balloon.

teddy bear

Teddy bear tucking a baby bear into the cradle for the night.

happy stars

A smiling yellow cartoon star on a light blue background.

birthday boy

Baby's first birthday - A blue cake for a boy.

birthday girl

Baby's first birthday - and a pink cake for a girl.

cartoon heart and moons

Cartoony pink hearts, blue moons and green 4 leaf clovers on a background of a blue sky with fluffy clouds.

blue sheep

Small blue lambs for boy babies.

pink sheep

Little pink lambs for girl babies.

baby booties

Little Yellow Baby booties.

pink bows

Pink bows for girl babies.

blue bows

Blue bows for boy babies.

pink hello kitty

Hello kitty in pink surrounded by pink hearts.

blue hello kitty

Hello Kitty on a blue background.

another pink kitty

Another pink Hello Kitty tile.

bows and spots

Bows and polka dots.