Stork Delivering Baby

This beautiful cartoon is available as a scalable vector graphic (so it's perfect for printing!) as well as a large transparent png.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Flying with a baby girl

Here's a rather large image of a stork flying with a baby wrapped in a pink blanket,

Stork bringing a boy

and the same image as above but this time the storks delivering a baby boy.


A large image of a stork wearing a baseball cap with a small baby.

tired stork with baby elephant

I love this funny cartoon of a very exhausted stork bringing a baby elephant to it's new parents.

Blue Stork

Here's an animation of a blue stork wearing aviator goggles and cap delivering a happy baby.

Stork Animation

A white stork that looks pretty tired, is flying carrying a large bundle of joy to the new parents.

Animated Stork with Baby

This animation is small but very cute!

Animated Stork delivering Baby

Animation of this delivery bird hiding the newborn in a bed of tulips.

Baby Delivery

Grey stork flying with a baby in a basket safely tucked in his beak.

stork with baby boy

Here's a small image of stork flying with a baby boy in a basket to deliver to his new parents.

rocking the baby to sleep

Two storks rocking the babies cradle.