beach trip

People in a car packed with items for some fun at the beach.

flotation device

A very important thing for any beach trip, a life preserver.

beachball graphic

A large, colorful beach ball.


Another image of a life preserver.

sun bathing

Lounging on a sandy beach sunbathing, getting a tan.

sun screen

Don't forget to bring your sunblock.

scuba diver

Here's a fairly large graphic of a man under water scuba diving.

surfboard on beach

Surfs up, let's go surfing!
Surfboard waiting in the sand.

swim gear

Swimming accessories, a beach ball, goggles and bottle of sunscreen.

Sand Pail and Shovel

Here's a very large image of a pail, shovel and the beginnings of a sand castle on the beach.

Beachball and Umbrella

A beach-ball and umbrella on a sandy beach.


Animated gif from the viewpoint of someone looking through binoculars at a lighthouse with a seagull flying by.


OK, it's not quite a perfect fit in this page but it is on theme with seaside graphics, and I like this image so the fish stays ;)

Pail Bucket

Ready to build a sand castle? Here's a bucket and pail.

Retro Beach Couple

This clipart of a couple on the beach has a happy and fun retro 1950s or 60s feel.


A nice sailboat.