Chocolate Milkshake

A thick, delicious chocolate milkshake in a fast food takeout cup.

Fast Food Soft Drink

Another picture of a fast food takeaway container, probably containing an ice cold soda pop.

Ice Cream Float Animation

Here's a cute animation of an ice cream float with two straws and hearts floating around it.

Childs Lemonade Stand

A kids lemonade stand selling glasses of lemonade for 10 cents.

Soda Pop

A small image of a can of soda.

Strawberry Smoothie

Mmm, two glasses filled with strawberry smoothies with straws and a strawberry on top.

Supersize Soda

A small child carrying an extra large cup filled with some kind of sweet drink.


Ice cold glass of lemonade with a slice of lemon decorating the glass.

Apple Juice Drink Box

A popular drink with kids and one often found in their lunch boxes, a drink box filled with apple juice.


This graphic could be quite a few different things, a cup of cocoa with melted marshmallows or maybe an iced coffee.

Chilled Lemonade

Here's another glass of refreshingly chilled lemonade. This is also available as a larger transparent png and a SVG.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
Coca Cola

An animation showing the Coca-Cola logo with a drop of water dripping off it.