Cooking Fire Animation

Oops, the food in the frying pad has caught fire. This is often how my kitchen looks ;)


Cooking outside on the BBQ (or Barbeque) is one of the best things about the great weather in the summer, here's an image if BBQ tools and a chef hat.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Outdoor Bbq Grill

Perhaps this is the outdoor grill BBQ that the meal will be cooked on.


A small image of a silver (tin or aluminum?) frying pan or cooking pot.


Eating utensils, a fork, knife and spoon with pink handles.

chopping board

Wooden cutting board.

Kitchen Knife

Of course every kitchen needs a good set of knives to prepare all those delicious meals.

Wooden Spoon

A large wooden spoon, often used for baking.

mix master

Electric mixer and mixing bowl.

wooden spoon and a whisk in jar

Container of kitchen utensils, a wooden spoon and two whisks.

happy rolling pin

Here's a very cute cartoon of a rolling pin with a big smile!


A yellow apron so the cook doesn't get food on their clothes while baking or cooking.


Wine bottle opener, or corkscrew.

crock pot

Slow cooker or crock pot.

baking supplies

Baking supplies to make spice cookies including a rolling pin, spices, mixing bowl and cookie cutters.


Animated pink recipe card box.