geisha playing a shamisen

This image of a Geisha playing a shamisen is available both as a large png and a vector graphic.

Download the zip file for the full sized versions.

Here's a large graphic of a lute, an instrument popular during the middle ages, and perhaps the guitars grandparent?

Want the vector graphic? Download the zip file for the vector.
fiddle or violin

This violin and the next are both available as vectors for print!

classical violin

This is such a beautifully made image of a classic violin leaning against the wall with it's matching bow!


Animated cellist playing.. well a cello.


Small image of a cello


Banjo, popular in country music.

decorative harp

A harp decorated with flowers and tiny cherubs flying around.


A small animated violin player.


Sitar, a musical instrument popular in India and other areas of the East.

racoon fiddler

Hillbilly raccoon playing fiddle.


A violin with music notes streaming out.