Touring the universe

Martian spaceship... from the looks of the passengers it's a celestial tour bus perhaps.

space shuttle

A very nice black and white drawing of the USA space shuttle.

Astronaut floating in space

Animated image of an astronaut spinning out of control in space.

Flying saucer

Flying saucer animation.

landing on the moon?

Rocket landing on another planet with an astronaut bouncing in the low gravity.

rocket launch

Animated rocket taking off.

rocket man

Astronaut with a jet pack.

astronauts returning home

Spaceship returning to Earth, floating with a parachute.


Tiny UFO.

sporty spaceship

Traveling space in style with a very sporty spaceship!

space dog

This could be a cartoon of Laika, the first dog in space, aboard the Sputnik 2 in 1957.