Sun Wearing Sunglasses

Here's a beautiful image of a friendly looking sun wearing dark sunglasses. This one's available both as a large transparent png and a scalable vector graphic so it will work well for print media.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.

This is my favorite of the sun graphics!

sunbeams waving outward

Sun with waves of sunlight radiating outward.

cool sun with sunglasses

Can't help but think of a hot summer day looking at this animated sun with sunglasses.

copper sun

A softer, almost coppery colored sun clipart with a face.

sunset or sunrise

Animation of the setting sun over rippling water.

dark copper sun

This clipart has a bit more stylized sunbeams.

happy cartoon sun

Large cartoon sun with a smiling face.

red sunlight

Big red sun, another of my favorite graphics on this page.


Another one with sunglasses, overlooking the water. This would be great on a webpage about summer or beaches.

smiley suns

Anther drawing of the sun with a big smilie face.

smiling sun

Happy cartoon faced.

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