Speaking Teddy Bear

This cute image is very useful since it's available as a scalable vector and it has an empty speech bubble so you could customize it with whatever text you want!

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Brown Teddy Bear

A simple brown teddy bear standing.

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Rocking out

And that same guy in rock star mode, singing loudly while wearing spiked cuffs.

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White with Red Scarf

A cute bear with white fur wearing a red scarf.

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Teddy Bear Wearing Bowtie

Here's a closeup of the teddybears face and his adorable bow tie.

White teddy bear

Here's a small image of a white teddy bear with black button eyes.

a loving bear couple

A couple in love, two teddies with their arms around each other.

Christmas bear

Animation of a brown teddy bear with tangled in Christmas lights with a small, blonde angel sitting on his lap.


Adorable animated train clipart with stuffed animals.

teddie in a sweater

Small image of a teddy wearing a blue sweater.

angel bear

Teddy bear with a tiny, baby angel sleeping in lap.

Adorable, sleepy bear

Cute blinking teddy bear wearing a pastel colored bow, surrounded by flowers.