Simple Pastel Flower

I really quite like this one. It's simple, minimal and the pale pastel shades are very pretty and feminine.

3 daisies

A tiny image of three daisies.


One single cartoon style daisy.

Bug On Flower

This flower has lost a few of its white petals and has a bug sitting on it. I think it's a cockroach, so this might not be the right one if you're looking for a pretty, decorative image but it's great for a nature theme.

Camomile Or Daisies

This picture of 3 potted flowers, either camomile or daisies, is available both with a background...

Camomile in a pot

And with a plain, transparent background in case you want to add your own.

Flower Pot

Another picture of a potted plant, this time with two flowers growing.

Flowers In Love

A little animated gif of two flowers, they look like they may be in love or perhaps singing or talking... either way, it's cute if you want an animation.

He Loves Me

"He loves me, he loves me not" is what the artist called this pretty image of a daisy with it's petals softly falling to the ground.

Singing Daisy

This very cheerful singing daisy will put a smile on many faces, I love her pretty dew drop earrings.

Single Daisy

If you're looking for a simple, single daisy... this might be the image you're after. It (like most on this page) is available as both an SVG and transparent png.

Smiling Spring Flower

This could be a few different kinds of flowers but I'm putting it on this page because the smiling face reminds me of springtime.

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