Book And Pen

A very stylized image of an open book and fountain pen.

Download zip for the vector graphic.
Notebook Yellow

A yellow, spiral ringed notebook.

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School or Office Supplies

Various school and office supplies, a pencil, book, paper and a manilla file folder.

Download zip for the vector.
Book and Reading Lamp

An open book (Project Gutenberg) and a red reading lamp.

Download zip for the SVG graphic.

A female student (either high school, university or college) carrying a blue book.

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I couldn't resist this image, a cute little bookworm wearing glasses and reading.

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Stack Of Books

A stack of four books.

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And of course with all this reading material a bookshelf would be needed!

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school books

Books labeled with mostly school subjects (literature, arts, mystery and a few I can't read.)

dictionary and thesaurus

Dictionary and Thesaurus on a shelf.

open book

An open book with an orange cover.

School textbooks and a grad cap

Here's a very tiny image of a stack of school books and a graduation cap.

Day Planner

Schedule book, day planner or perhaps a list of addresses.

Spelling Textbook

Spelling Textbook teaching the ABC's.

librarian or Scholar

Librarian, scholar or perhaps a professor carrying a tottering stack

librarian with nose in a novel

Animated librarian peeking over a book.