Chemistry Proffessor

Here's a cartoon of a chemistry professor. He's standing on front of a chalkboard and holder a beaker.

Want a scalable vector graphic? Download the zip file.
little boy studying

Young boy studying at the library.

small child with huge pencil

Little girl with a very large pencil.

Student working

Student writing at desk, very enthusiastically answering question.


A student walking to school.

college campus

Students watching a professor going to the college cafeteria.

Students cheating on exam

Students cheating on a test.


A yellow school bus packed full of kids.

Teacher and pupils

Teacher lecturing students.

young boy at the computer

Animated image of small boy at the computer.

bored student

Animation of a rather bored looking student.

apple for the teacher

Student with an apple for the teacher.

mathematics teacher

Maths teacher with equations written on the chalkboard.

scary and mean teacher with students

An angry teacher 'whipping students into shape'.

angry teacher

An angry teacher or professor shaking his finger.

grade school students

Three students at their desks doing their schoolwork or writing a test.