book bag

Here's a small image of a students book bag.

3 ring binders

Three ringed binders to hold the school notes and essays.

Looking for a scalable vector version? Download this zip file.

A wooden ruler.

Download the zip file for the SVG.
Fountain Pen

A fountain pen, maybe for more artistic students or just people who prefer writing with a good pen.

Download the zip file for the vector graphic.
Apple Pen Holder

This pen holder shaped like an apple would probably be on the teachers desk.


A calculator to calculate all the mathematics equations.

Notebook pc

Either a netbook, notebook or a laptop... depending what you call your portable computer.


This side of this lunchbox clipart has been left blank, so if you'd like you could add something personalized to it yourself.


A pair of scissors.


Educational supplies; a crayons, ruler and small chalkboard.

Chemistry set

Chemistry supplies.

Ink well

Here's an ink well in case you want an image for calligraphy or just an old fashioned pen.


Compass, hmm, maybe to find your way to class?


Paintbrush for art class students.

pencil sharpener animation

Animated pencil sharpener.

items for art class

A small collection of art supplies including scissors, glue and paper.