holding a spoon

Black and white clipart of a hand holding a spoon.


Artistic hand doing calligraphy, drawing or painting.

raised fist

Large fist raised in perhaps victory or anger.

pointing cartoon

Cartoon style hand pointing forward.


Finger with a red ribbon tied around it as a reminder.

cartoon waving

Small cartoon hand waving. (Why is it that cartoons only ever have 3 fingers?)

thumb out

Hand with the thumb stuck out.


Another image of a handshake.

holding card

Another similar to the next image. These are large enough you could open them in your favorite image editor and write whatever you'd like on the page being held.

holding blank paper

Large image of a hand holding a piece of paper.

Cartoon Hand Pointing Down

A small animation of a cartoon hand pointing downwards.

Shame Hands

The hand gesture that means "shame on you".

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