Abraham Lincoln

Animation of Abe Lincoln running.

man lying on floor

A business man in a suit holding a briefcase, laying flat out on the floor, exhausted after a hard day at work.

painter creating a painting

Artist painting outside on an easel.

bandaged man

Cartoon of a man all wrapped up in bandages.

angel vs. devil

A cartoon graphic of the classic good vs. evil represented by an angel and devil on the shoulders of a man.

drunk guy

A rather drunk looking guy sitting at a bar drinking beer.

body builder

Bodybuilder or perhaps a wrestler flexing his muscles.

brushing teeth

Animation of a guy brushing his teeth because even cartoons need to take care of their dental hygiene ;).

Isaac Newton

Newton discovering gravity when an apple falls on his head.

leaving for the day ahead

Father and son leaving to go to work and school.

old man with lit candle

Old man in a nightshirt and slippers holding a candle.

Yarr Matey

Animated pirate with a peg leg shooting a gun.


ROTFLMAO - literally rolling on the floor laughing out loud ;)

russian dancer

Russian man doing a traditional dance.

OUCH.. wouldnt that hurt?

Mexican man taking a siesta with his sombrero over his eyes while leaning against a cactus.

funny face

A cartoon of a crazy man making a silly face.

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