flying cupid cartoon

Here's a cute cartoon of cupid flying with his bow and arrow ready to shoot a person's heart full of love.

Black cupid cartoon

This one has an SVG graphic available if you need a large image.

Want a resizable vector? Download this zip.
Cupids kiss

Animated cartoon of an angel blowing kisses.

Vintage greeting card scan

This illustration is scanned from an antique greeting card, "Tis a heart of pansy bloom, all made of thoughts sublime, to you it's sent to ask a boom, will't be my Valentine". (Interesting how language changes over time.)

Animated cartoon

Here's a small animation in cartoon style.


Looking for a more old fashioned image? This one is tiny but quite nice.

African American cupid

Small image of a black cupid holding a large red heart.

victorian angel in a heart

A Victorian style picture showing an angel with a quiver full of arrows, riding a white dove and surrounded by a pretty lilac heart.

shooting a shotgun

This one's pretty funny! It shows the famed god of love taking aim with a shotgun.

animation - red hair

Here's another silly animated cartoon, this one shows a red headed cupid shooting arrows of love.

Cupids match book?

This is a very tiny vintage picture, but I really like it. It shows an angel writing in a very large book with a long quill.

Angel Animation

Another cute animated gif showing you-know-who with fluttering white wings, a shiny halo and holding a heart shaped arrow in his hand.

2 cupids

Cupids silhouetted against a pink valentines heart decorated with frill lace and red ribbons.

Cupid Piano

This animated cartoon of cupid playing a grand piano has sheet music in the background filled animated hearts dancing.

Cupid Shooting Hearts

Another animated gif, this one shows a cute blonde cupid shooting his arrow of love while hearts flutter down from above.

Cupid With Huge Heart

This animation simply shows the little cherub of love bringing you a huge red heart.