Auto B My Valentine

This cute vintage card from the 1950s is quite large, so it may be perfect for printing... either as a greeting card, scrapbooking or other crafts.

Want the the full size copy? Download the zip file.
Cats Meow

You're the cat's meow! I'm not sure when this cute greeting card was created (I'm guessing 1960s) but it's adorable!

Cruel Cupid

"Oh Cupid, Cupid, How can you be so cruel".

Creepy Cupid

Oh how times have changed, today this cupid seems a bit creepy. "Danny 'Cutie' I am named, for my deeds I'm widely famed, every night and every day, trusting hearts become my prey."

Satisfied, but not thrilled

This one's cute but confusing, it says "I am satisfied to be your Valentine"... but she really doesn't seem at all into it! I imagine if it were animated there'd be an eye roll and a sigh... just my imagination?

I Yam Crazy

Two yams in love on this cute card, the text reads "I yam crazy about you my Valentine".

Good Egg

This one is cute, from the 1950s maybe? Two eggs in a pan with the text "Maybe I'm just small fry but I'm a good egg with a heart of gold, be my valentine."

Soldier Boy Be Mine

"Soldier boy so brave and fine, will you be my Valentine?" This vintage greeting card could be wonderful to send to a loved one in the army!

Boy And Girl

This is such an adorable image of two children holding a large paper that says "You see it's written in my heart that you're my Valentine."

Queen Of Hearts

A little girl holding a bouquet of flowers and hearts, the caption reads "The Queen of Hearts".

The Love Cats

Two cats dressed up in their best, very cute!


Such a beautiful image, this card is from the 1920's and it shows a couple celebrating their love on Valentine's Day.


This simple image shows a young woman handing a note to cupid.

Victorian Card

Another fairly large Victorian greeting card showing a woman sending off a dove to deliver a love letter.

Victorian Couple

"To My Sweetheart"... a young victorian couple that are very much in love surrounded by soft, pastel blossoms.

Victorian Woman

Here's the last vintage card (for now), this one has pretty much any romantic image you can think of... hearts, cupid, flowing ribbons and flowers... Very pretty!