Serving Tray

A nice, large and high quality image of Betty Boop working as a waitress, wearing a little black dress and holding a serving tray.

In Heart

Tearing through a bright red heart blowing kisses.


An animated clipart with Ms. Boop being flirtatious.

Popping Out Of Candybox

Popping out of a heart shaped box of candy.

Betty Boop In Overalls

Showing her cowgirl side, wearing denim overalls and cowboy boots.


Wearing a formal, glittering white evening dress with the word "Thanks" written across the image.


Betty Boop in festive formal wear sitting beside a Christmas tree piled with gifts.


Peeking out of a postage stamp, wearing a top hat.

With Puppy

An adorable graphic of Betty Boop standing in front of a red heart with Pudgy, her little puppy by her side.

Boxing Gloves

Tough looking Betty Boop wearing boxing gloves.

Miss Boop

Kneeling down on the ground looking adorable.

Betty Boop with a dog

Hugging a little white puppy surrounded by red hearts.

Betty On Motorcycle

Animation of Ms. Boop sitting on a motorcycle.

On Vent

Animation of her standing on top of a vent with air blowing her dress like Marilyn Monroe.

Sitting On Moon

Sitting on the crescent moon.


Betty Boop having her bikini pulled at by her pet puppy, Pudgy, like the Coppertone ads.