Ok, all these pictures are cute... they are created by Disney after all, but this one really makes me go "Aww!"

Bambi with Faline

An adorable image of Bambi looking a bit shy while meeting Faline, a female deer.


And here's one showing how Thumper probably got his name, with him thumping his foot on the ground.

Bambi and Flower Thumper

Flower and Thumper looking at a butterfly that landed on Bambi's tail.

Bambi with Thumper

Animated Bambi with his friend Thumper.


Flower, the skunk, holding pink blossoms... very cute!


Here's a little image of Thumper the bunny rabbit laughing.


One of my favorite characters from this Disney film, Flower the skunk.


And of course no page of Bambi clipart would be complete without Owl.


Thumper the bunny looking a bit shy.

Bambi And Friends

Here's a very cute image of Bambi with his friends, Flower and Thumper, how cute is the little butterfly on his tail?


Faline, Bambi's female friend.

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