Tigger the tiger in this popular cartoon story, laying down looking very happy.

Poor Bear

It looks like Tigger was excited about something and pounced on top of Pooh Bear, knocking him down flat onto his back.


Winnie the Pooh looking perhaps a bit surprised or thinking about something... My guess is that he's pondering how to get more hunny or perhaps back at his tiger friend for making him fall ;).

Winnie Hiding from his friend?

Pooh hiding in a tree trunk with Tigger yelling behind him.

Tigger With Frog

Here's a cute little cartoon of Tigger the tiger talking to a small green frog.

Poohs Hunny

Winnie the Pooh holding a pot of Hunny (honey), one of his very favorite things in the world.


A very small picture of Piglet dancing happily.


An illustration of Owl looking a bit stern and studious, as he usually does.

Pooh And Friends

Winnie the Pooh reading a book to his friends, two kangaroos. According to the storybook, Kanga is the mother's name, Roo is the joey (baby).

Floating With Balloons

Animated graphic of Pooh bear floating away holding onto a yellow balloon.


Eeyore looking adorable as always and far less gloomy than he is often depicted.

tigger and eeyore

A small picture of Tigger after he pounced on Eeyore and knocked both of them into rosebush.

Peek A Pooh

Peek A Pooh... This small image of Winnie peeking over a bar could make a fun page divider for a children's site!

Pooh and Tigger learning to read

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger confused, no wonder they are having difficulty learning to read, they're holding the book of ABC's upside down.


Of course no collection like this would be complete without an animation of the tiger bouncing on his springy tail "cause that is what Tiggers do best."

Winnie the Pooh

And for now the last image, another one of this popular story book character.