Happy Holidays

"Happy Holidays" written in gold on a black background.

Seamless Christmas tile

A variety of Christmas images, stockings, snowmen and a person with gifts.

holly swirls

Holly (or mistletoe, I'm not sure of the difference) swirled on a white background.

Merry Christmas

"Merry Christmas" written in pale red on a white background.

poinsettias on light wallpaper

Poinsettia's on a white background, rather subtle so text written over it is still visible.


This poinsettia background reminds me a bit of antique wallpaper.

Santa hats

A fun image of Santa hats on a sky blue background.


Small Christmas angels.

bells and holly background

Gold bells with holly on a light green background.


Red and white vertical stripes.

snowflakes falling in the background, animation

Animated background with falling snowflakes.

very pale blue snowflakes

Light blue snowflakes on a white background.

white snowflakes

white snowflakes

Holiday ornaments

Christmas lights on a white background.

light pink snowy tile

White snowflakes on a pink background.


Christmas wreaths.