Advent Wreath

This image of an Advent wreath, or Advent crown is also available as a scalable vector graphic so it's perfect for print media!

White Animated Wreath

Here's a very sparkly white wreath decorated with poinsettias.

Animated Santa Wreath

This small animation shows a glittering wreath with Santa Claus hugging a child.

Sparkly Wreath

Another sparkling wreath with gold decorations and two poinsettias at the top.

holly bottom corner

Pine branches and holly coming from the bottom left corner...

holly top corner

and a matching graphic with holly in the top right corner. They look great as a border around content on a Holiday page.


This is a fairly small image of a lighter colored wreath with tiny angels.

stuffed bear

A tiny brown teddy bear sitting in a Christmas wreath with that's decorated with striped ribbons.

Aww, cute!

A very cute racoon wearing a holiday wreath.


Xmas wreath with a gold bow and poinsettias.

heart shaped

Heart shaped wreath with toys and ribbons.

animated gif of xmas wreath

Lightly animated, traditional holiday decoration.

wreaths, red bow

Wreath with a red bow.


3 poinsettias, a very popular flower during Christmas.

corner decoration

This garland would look great in the corner of a page.

Three wreaths

3 Festive wreaths made out of evergreen branches, decorated with red bows and pine cones.