Lamb watching over Baby Jesus

A lamb looking at baby Jesus while he lays in the manger.

Holy Family

Here's a small but beautiful image of the virgin Mary and Joseph holding baby Jesus.

3 wise men

The three wise men looking at baby Jesus, being held by his mother Mary.

3 Wise Men Riding

The three wise men riding camels.

Holy Family

Looking at baby Jesus.

Christmas Story

A woman reading the christmas story to a small child.

Nativity Minimal

Here's a very large, modern image with clean lines of the nativity scene.

a picture of pure innocence

Lambs, a cow, cat, horse and even some birds looking after the newborn baby Jesus.

South park nativity scene?

This large image is a very modern take on the birth of christ. This cute cartoon might even make a nice greeting card!

Christmas wreath

Barn yard animals, a child and baby Jesus in front of a Christmas wreath.

modern christian image

A modern, stylized image of baby Jesus.

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus

Mother Mary, Father Joseph and a lamb looking at Jesus.

Guiding Star

The guiding star that showed the three wise men where to go shining brightly in the night sky.

Praying hands

Hands held together for prayer with a bible in the background.


The three wise men carrying gold, frankincense and myrrh, along with Mary and Joseph looking lovingly at baby Jesus laying in the manger.

Holy Family

This religious Christmas image looks like stained glass.