Tree blossoming in springtime

This blossoming tree is also available for all 4 seasons and there's more tree clipart on this page.

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Seedling Sprouting

As the weather warms and the rains fall new plants sprout up out of the ground.

daffodil blossom

Two bright yellow daffodils, usually one of the first flowers to bloom.

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And here's another early bloomer, a beautiful red tulip.

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bumble bee gathering nectar

Here's a bumble bee hovering above a flower gathering nectar to make honey.

Spring Showers

April showers bring May flowers... that's the traditional phrase anyway, so here's an image of light rain and tulips.

Baby Chick wearing a Raincoat

Here's an adorable image of a baby chick dressed up in a yellow raincoat and hat to stay dry from the rains.

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Tattered Umbrella

Winds and rain are just part of this season, so here's an image of a rain-beaten, tattered umbrella.

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Butterfly Spring Scene

Here's a cute, colorful spring time scene with beautiful flowers and a butterfly fluttering in the air. Visit this page for more more beautiful butterfly clip art.

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This could be either a spring or summer image, but either way the sunny happiness of it makes me think of renewal and friends and that reminds me of this season, so here it is. :)

Springtime Event

Hosting a Springtime Event? This beautiful image is available as both a transparent png and a scalable vector file so it would be perfect for printing invitations, posters etc.

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Spring Bee

"Spring, the season of colors. Bee Happy!"


This simple but beautiful image says it all, with a pretty yellow flower blossoming out of the word "spring".


And another pretty image of a flower blooming from the word, this time Primavera for Italian visitors.


While bunnies might not be seen only in the springtime, this adorable animation of a rabbit nibbling on a snack surrounded by pink flowers definitely feels like it matches.


And finally, a strawberry... one of the first fruits to ripen after the long winter.

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