Easter chicks in a basket

Three newly hatched Easter chicks in a basket with spring flowers and a pretty blue bow.

Yellow chick with an decorated egg

A soft, yellow feathered Easter chick carrying a painted egg.

Baby chickens in Easter bonnets

Baby chicks wearing adorable Easter bonnets.

Baby chicks playing in an easter basket

Baby chicks playing in an easter basket.

Baby chick with Easter eggs

Baby chick with Easter eggs.

Spring showers!

Baby chick ready for spring showers.

Baby chicks with flowers

Baby chicks with flowers

Vintage Easter Clipart

An old fashioned Victorian image with 2 baby chicks, a blue egg with "Easter Greetings" written on it in gold font.

Baby chickens and eggs

A small image of baby chickens wearing red bows, in a field filled with bright Easter eggs.

Animated Easter chick

Animation of a baby chick hatching from a brightly colored egg.

Cheery Easter chick

A cheerful image of a yellow chick standing in spring blossoms.

Very cute picture!

Beautiful Easter eggs, both brightly painted, and 2 cute baby chickens.