I Love Carrots

Here's a very cute cartoon of a rabbit wearing an "I Love Carrots" t-shirt.

Want the vector version? Download the zip.
Rabbit Ears

This on could be a lot of fun, because it has an alpha transparent background you could easily add it to you photos making your friends and family have bunny ears!

Want the scalable vector? Download the zip.
Grey Rabbit

While this isn't an actual Disney graphic it has that similar cuteness to it!

Download the zip for the SVG graphic.
Cartoon rabbit

This cute cartoon rabbit looks like he might be a bit crazy.

Download the zip for the vector image.
baby bunny

Cute baby bunny wearing pajamas and carrying a bottle.

Peter Cottontail?

Small image of a brown rabbit with a fluffy cotton tail.

Big carrot

Eyes bigger than his stomach? Seems so if he intends to eat this whole carrot!


This one is available in beige and white, grey and white and dark grey.

Download the zip for all three colors.
country bunny

Country clipart of a white rabbit.

Dappled fur

Spotted lop eared rabbit.

Bath time

Bath time! Here's an animated bunny cleaning his long ears.

Black and white

A subtle and nice image of a white rabbit.

animated waving rabbit

Cartoon rabbit waving.

loving bunnies

I love this cute image of two brown bunnies cuddled up together. So cute!


Animated bunny nibbling on a snack.

Cartoon rabbit

Cute, glossy stylized image of a brown rabbit with bucked teeth.