bunny in an easter bonnet

Bunny in an Easter bonnet.

Easter bunny carrying a basket of painted eggs

Easter bunny carrying a basket of painted eggs.

Shy Easter bunny surrounded by dafodills

Shy Easter bunny surrounded by daffodils.

adorable easter rabit

Adorable Easter rabbit.

happy easter yellow bunny rabit

Yellow Easter rabbit cartoon.

cartoon easter bunny

Cartoon rabbit.

Vintage Easter bunny

Old fashioned image of a white rabbit wearing overalls and holding a bouquet of spring blossoms.

Girl Easter bunny

A beautiful Easter graphic of a female bunny in a soft pink dress, nice soft pastel palette!

Retro bunny

One of my favorites! This clipart has a bit of a retro 1950's look and soft pastel colors.

Bunny in formal tux

Very cute! A formal bunny in a blue tuxedo jacket carrying a bunch of flowers.

Victorian Easter graphic (I think)

Another piece of vintage clipart featuring the Easter bunny with a basket of brightly painted eggs.

Bunny with a pile of eggs

I guess he didn't have time yet to paint himself ;)

Hmm, kinda a scary rabbit really :S

This image of an Easter rabbit with a tray of painted eggs comes from a vintage Victorian Greeting card.

Easter train

Easter train with a rabbit conductor.

So adorable!

100% cute factor here! 2 adorable bunnies and a baby chick in a flower filled scene.

Talented rabbit!

Animated cartoon of an Easter rabbit in a formal tux, juggling a bunch of painted eggs while balancing a top hat.