a very sleepy hound dog

I love this adorable little animation of a sleepy hound dog slowly blinking.

animation of running dog

Animated gif of a cartoon dog running.

animated cartoon of a wiener dog

Here's a funny animation of a wiener dog wrapped around a tree trunk, chasing (biting) his tail.

great dane animation

Small animation of a great dane panting.

dog in bath tub

This great dane (I think) sits in a bath basin pretending to be a sailor.

dog and cat taking a bath

Here's a cute picture of a cat and a dog taking a bubble bath together in an old wooden barrel.

wagging tail - animated

A very cute dog wagging his tail.

brown puppy

Golden Retriever, one of the most popular pets when I was growing up.

puppy on a clothes line

Animation of a puppy inside a pair of shorts hanging on the clothes line.

mans best friend

Man's best friend, an old man patting his faithful companion on the head.

pup pouncing

Cartoon of a spotted dalmatian puppy pouncing, playing or running.

dalmation puppy

Another dalmatian pup, this one has a monarch butterfly landing on his (or her) nose.