Young Witch in red cape

This is either a little girl dressed up in a Halloween costume as a witch, or a very adorable little witch wearing her best red pointy hat and cape. Even the moon got dressed up in a costume!

A Happy Hallowe'en

A simple, warm image of a little boy in front of a shelf of Jack o Lanterns with his dog.

Skeleton taking a walk

This skeleton looks like he's taking a rather cheery stroll through the graveyard, lighting his path with a glowing jack o lantern.

Pumpkin Carving

"Wishing you a highly entertaining hallowe'en", shows a little boy, in an adorably old fashioned outfit, carving a pumpkin.


A witch front of a steaming cauldron with some very spooky people (in masks?) looking on in the back.

Vintage Halloween

This one is similar to the first image of a little girl dressed in a red hooded cape holding a black cat. This one also has a Jack-o-lantern.

Black Cat Pumpkin

"A Merry Halloween"... not something we're likely to say today, but this quaint postcard with a black cat inside a pumpkin brings perhaps a kinder, gentler way to view All Hallows Eve.

Happy Halloween Card

A vintage postcard of a young woman with a jack-o-lantern holding a hand mirror with a portrait of a man behind her. "A Happy Halloween" "Would you believe it?" Interesting, but confusing!