children in halloween costumes

Kids dressed up as a ghost, cat, angel and godzilla out for Halloween candy.


Trick or Treater with a jack o lantern head.

young girl in a witch costume

A little girl dressed up as a witch, carrying a broom and pumpkin bag.

kid in a scary mask

A young kid in a scary green mask.


This one could either be a fortune teller or perhaps a pirate.

devil baby

Little girl dressed up as a devil ready to go Trick or Treating

blue ghost

A rather cute blue ghost costume.

pumpkinhead and bigfoot?

A furry monster with a club and a pumpkinhead.

Skeleton trick or treating

This is either a Skeleton out trick or treating ..or a child in a really great costume =-o

Green faced witch

Girl in a witch costume complete with a frightening green mask.

black cats in trick or treat bag

Black cat in trick or treat bag

scare crow

Child dressed up as a scarecrow carrying a jack o lantern.

monster outfit

Young Frankenstein out gathering Halloween candy.

more kids on halloween

Vampire and masked monster.


2 ghost costumes.