glossy ghost

A glossy cartoon of a happy ghost.

For larger versions, download the zip file with scalable vector and large png.
Ghosts Ahead!

Warning: Ghosts ahead! A rather friendly and happy landscape with a warning sign and cartoon ghosts flying around.

Zip file with SVG and the full size alpha transparent png image.
holding a wooden sign

A ghost hiding behind a wooden sign. You could easily add your own message on the sign for a fun customized image!

Here's a zip file with a scalable vector version (in black and white) and larger png image.
white spirit

This simple and cute white cartoon style ghost graphic is pretty versatile and would fit well with most styles.

Zip with SVG and large png.
Vampire Ghost

While the concept of a vampire ghost might be a bit illogical, he's just so cute!

Download the zip for high resolution graphics.

And of course, perhaps the most famous of all... Casper The Friendly Ghost!

Texan(?) ghost riding a broom

A friendly looking, animated cowboy ghost riding a broomstick and tipping his hat.

Ghostly halloween costume

Boo! A child dressed up in a white sheet going out trick or treating for Halloween.

ghostly trick or treater

And here's another one of a child dressed up in a Halloween costume, this one in blue and carrying a trick-or-treat bag.

ghostly animation

A slightly more frightening animated ghost. It looks quite nice (in a spooky way) on a dark background, as you can see it doesn't work well on white.

Ghost crossing sign

A cute ghost holding a "Ghost Xing" sign.

spirit and tombstone

Animation of a cute ghost hovering around a gravestone.

Green Ghost

This frightening animation of a glowing green ghost looks much better on a dark background, on a lighter one the gif's transparency has jagged bits that disappear when it's surrounded in dark.

dark animated skeletal spectre

Dark animated skeletal specter with an eerie red glow!

cute spirit

A cute little guy holding a pumpkin.

animated ghost gif

Here's a small animation of a spooky ghoul disappearing into the night.