Does he cry seeds?

Here's a very sad, crying Jack-o-lantern. I wonder, does he cry seeds?

Very happy carved pumpkin

This little guy looks so happy with his almost toothless smile and big, friendly eyes.

One Eyed Jack

I think this fun image is my favorite... a one-eyed cyclops pumpkin with a big, silly toothy grin, it reminds me a bit of one of the characters from Monsters inc.


This Jack-o-Lantern looks surprised, shocked or perhaps scared by something he saw bumping around in the night.

Wicked grin!

I can't decide if this one looks mean or just mischievous, but either way, it's very cute. :)

cook scarecrow

A pumpkin-headed scarecrow dressed up as a chef holding a wooden spoon.

Fall scenery with a glowing moon

Pumpkins and Autumn leaves in front of a full moon.

halloween pumpkin

Jack-o-lantern, bats and a spider.


Animated cartoon Jack o Lantern making faces.


Hmm, mouths wide open and ready to sink their fangs in! Vamp O' Lanterns?

ready for carving

Three pumpkins waiting to be carved. This graphic would work well on any Autumn / Fall themed website as well.

old fashioned halloween graphic

A vintage image of two children peeking out from behind a Jack o Lantern.


Trick or Treater with a carved Halloween pumpkin for a head... a Pumpkid?

animated glowing pumpkin

Scary glowing pumpkin, I like how the animation appears out of the darkness and disappears again.


An adorable black cat inside a carved pumpkin.

Evil grin

Another image of classic carving.

3d animation

This one looks a bit 3D and is animated with scary glowing eyes.

pumpkin animation

A simple image of an animated pumpkin with a candle inside.

3d angel pumkin

A flying pumpkin angel with wings and a halo.

and the last pumpkin animation for now

This one looks a bit suspicious with his shifty, moving eyes.