haunted mansion

This beautiful graphic of a haunted house at night, with bats and lightening is nice and large and there's a zip file available to download if you want the vector version of the image as well.

Download the Zip file for a larger version of the png and the vector file.
Animated haunted house with lightnening

Animated haunted house, high up on a hill with flashes of with lightening.

Haunted house

A rather dark, dismal and definitely creepy looking haunted house.

eerie eyes

Animated haunted house with glowing eyes peeking through the windows.

mostly black and white

Spooky house high on a hill surrounded by bats!

Haunted house

Haunted house with witches, bats and other spooky stuff! (Is that a monster in the attic?)

abandoned home

A smaller graphic of an abandoned house.

Old Victorian mansion

This spooky old mansion has seen better days!