Road Sign Warning Cows Ahead

This road sign is often seen in rural areas to warn drivers that there may be cows ahead, suits this page as well. ;)

Want the vector image? Download the zip.
Bull fights

Raging bull... bull fights... mad cow... there's just so many jokes in this image of a bull wearing boxing gloves.

Want the vector image? Download the zip.
Cow On The Moon

This image can either be left as is and used, printed and given to a child to color or color it yourself in your favorite image editor to have a one of a kind image!

Here's the zip file to download for the full sized png and vector graphic.
Animated cow singing in the shower

Moo-oving and shaking... Singing in the shower.

Eating Grass

Another cute cartoon, this time it's a black and white bull eating grass.

milk cows

Two dairy cows in a field.

bovine bottom

A silly picture of a cow's behind.

Bovine with a silly cap

Black and white cow with a spinning propeller beanie hat, and a little gold bell, because this page needs more cowbell. ;)


A very cute cartoon of a friendly bull.

Cow hearder?

Cartoon of a dairy cow (cow herder?) with pink spots... is this where strawberry milk comes from?

cow jumping over the moon

The cow jumps over the moon (from the famous "Hey Diddle Diddle" nursery rhyme).

Cow Jumping Over Moon Animation

And this is a similar theme to the last, with a different look and set as an animation.

Peacefully chewing blossoms

Milk cow chewing on a flower.

Mad cow

Animated gif of a very angry bull flaring his nostrils and puffing smoke... Mad cow?

Ready to go out

Cow all dressed up to go on a shopping trip.

Woman Milking Cow

Here's an old fashioned picture of a woman milking a cow. (More milk and dairy clipart here.)