Mouse On Cheese

Here's a cute cartoon of a little grey mouse on top of a very large wedge of yellow cheese.

Download the zip for the SVG and full sized png.
Waving Mouse

This cute cartoon shows a grey mouse with a blue bow on it's tail smiling and waving.

Want the SVG version? Download this zip.
Country Mouse

This green furred mouse with a blue hat decorated with a yellow flower looks to me like he (or she) lives in the country, so perhaps it's a field mouse?

Want the SVG (scalable vector) version? Download the zip.
White Mouse

This adorable image of a white mouse dressed in red trousers with suspenders and a yellow shirt could be nice used for a home-made greeting card.

Download the zip for the SVG and full sized png.
mouse with crayons

A little field mouse with crayons.

mouse sleeping in bed

Animated sleeping mouse, in bed dreaming of cheese.

cute image of a female mouse

Female mouse in a pink dress feeding a blue bird.

cartoon mouse

This cute little cartoon of a rodent might be a rat, I'm not sure... it's adorable though!

animated mice

Animation of a tiny mouse tossing a piece of paper.

rat with a sweet tooth

Animated rat peeking out from inside a candy wrapper.

rodent in love

Cute little love struck rodent.


Cartoon of a rather bedraggled little mouse heading back into his hole.

adventurous, sky diving mouse

This very animation shows an adventurous brown field mouse parachuting with a leaf.

mice with flowers

Two small mice and a very large bouquet of flowers.

tea party

This graphic of a family of mice at a tea party is pretty large, but it's so cute!