Monkey Face

This cute cartoon of a monkey face is available as both a large transparent png and a scalable vector graphic.

Baby Monkey With Banana

This animation is very small but oh so cute! It shows a wide eyed, baby monkey with a banana.

Monkey Wrench

A monkey with a monkey wrench ;)

Want the vector file? Download the zip.
Swinging Monkey

I love this image of a little primate dressed in sporty clothing, swinging on a rope. So cute!

Want the vector file? Download the zip.

Here's a small image of a baboon from Africa.

Baby monkey

This small animated cartoon of a monkey or baby ape, shows him or her playing on a tree branch.


Black and white clipart of a gorilla.

Musician monkey

Here's a vintage, Victorian image showing a monkey dressed up and playing an accordion.


Another gorilla, this time with a small mouse.

Funny monkey cartoon

A funny cartoon of a monkey working as a waiter, slipping on a banana peel.

Cute hat

Monkey wearing a sailor hat.

sad little monkey

Pouting primate, this poor little guy doesn't look too happy :(


Two very cute little monkeys in a tree.

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys

Monkeys doing the "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".

Curious George

I'm pretty sure this is Curious George, the mischievous monkey from the children's books.

Swinging By Tail

Swinging by the tail from a tree branch.