A small picture of a gecko on a tree branch.

xmas aligator

Not the first thing I think of when I think Christmas, but here's an alligator wearing a santa claus hat and sunglasses

mad crocodile or alligator

Here's an angry looking crocodile, looks like he's trying to hunt for lunch.

Hungry croc

Hungry crocodile ready for his meal, holding a knife and fork. I hope I'm not what he's thinking of eating for dinner!


A bunch of multi-colored chameleons.

Alligator animation

An animated alligator wiggling his tail, looks like he's getting ready to attack!

colorful lizard

A stylized graphic of some kind of lizard. The style reminds me a bit of Aztec, or perhaps Native American art.

curled snake

A green snake curled up in a tree branch.