Ankylosauria, this massive dinosaur with what looks almost like a turtle back with spikes was a herbivore!


Apatosaurus, which is apparently the current name of the Brontosaurus.

Baby Dino And Mom

Here's an animated clipart of an adorable baby dinosaur riding his mom or dad's back.


A large, black and white image of a Brontosaurus (or Apatosaurus).

Cartoon Rex

I love this one, it looks a bit like the brightly colored cartoons of dinosaurs I used to draw when I was a kid, this one's of a T-Rex.

Little Bronto

A small animation of a brontosaurus taking a drink from a pond.

Puff The Magic Dragon

I think this one is more of a dragon than a dinosaur, but I'm putting it here in case anyone wants it.

Stealing Eggs

A dinosaur that is either stealing eggs or maybe (not likely) protecting them.

T Rex

A small image of a green T-Rex with very sharp teeth looking incredibly fierce!


The Stegosaurus as he (or she) looked when they were alive.

Cartoon Pterodactyl

Here's a very cute cartoon style image if a Pterodactyl, looks like it might be a baby.

Frightening Dinosaur!

A rather scary looking dinosaur! I'm not sure which this is.


Cartoon of a green stegosaurus with it's tongue hanging out.

Flying Pterosaur

A large flying, green Pterosaur with glowing red eyes.


I'm told this is a picture of a giganotosaurus, which is different than a Tyrannosaurus Rex but has the same tiny arms.


Clipart of a long necked dinosaur eating tree leaves with a cave and volcano in the background.