froggie sitting on a lilypad

The details on both the green frog and the lily pad he's sitting on a really very gorgeous. This image is also available as an SVG, so it will resize however large (or small) you want, perfect for print media!

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
funny frog graphic

I'm not sure if this cute little guy has just hit a glass window accidentally or is just jumping in a silly way, but either way it brings a smile to my face :)

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
Not A Prince

This poor little guy is sad, thinking about not being a prince... maybe the kiss of a princess didn't work and he's stuck being an amphibian?

Dancing Frog

Dancing frog animation, If I remember right, he's singing "Hello my Baby" in the original cartoon.

frog prince

What page of frog clipart would be complete without an animation of a frog prince ;)

frog princess

And in the spirit of equality, here's an animation of a frog princess sitting on a toad stool, waiting for her magical restoring kiss.

cute froggie!

Small picture of a frog peeking out of the water.

winking frog animation

Here's a cute little animation of a winking frog.

warty toad or frog

A fat green toad covered in warts.

frog on a lilly pad

Frog sitting on a lily pad.

tropical tree frog clipart

A small animation of (I think) a tropical tree frog.

Such a beautiful image!

This is a large frog image that is really beautiful, one of my favorites in this collection.


Here's a very small image of a yellow bellied frog.

Tipping top hat

Animated frog tipping his top hat in greeting.


Frogs playing the leapfrog game.

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And if you haven't had enough of all these cute little amphibians, here's a page divider of tiny animated froggies.