Piggy Bank

A green piggy bank, this image is also available as a vector graphic!

Download the zip for the SVG.
Chef Cochon

Ok, I admit it... sometimes the vintage images disturb me... what exactly is that on the plate that Chef Cochon has prepared, not pork sausages... right?!?

With Piglets

Here's another antique image, this one shows a mother sow with her little piglets riding on her back.

Pink Piggie

This little piggie is so cute and is also available in a larger version and as a vector graphic.

Download the zip for the SVG & full size png.
Three Little Pigs

This picture of the the three little pigs having a bit of a party is very, very large. There's a zip to download if you want the massive graphic.

Download the zip for the full size picture.
Victorian Ms Piggy

This vintage image might show Miss Piggy's great-grandmother perhaps?

Happy Pig In Mud

I guess this little animation shows that yes, pigs really are happy in mud!

pig in a cop outfit

Hehe, here's a funny little clipart of a pig in a police uniform.

Cartoon piggie

Small graphic of a cartoon pig.

When pigs fly

You know the saying, "When pigs fly!", well here's a cartoon showing just that... a pink pig with wings flying through the air.

piglet and mole

A piglet greeting his friend, an adorable mole.

Feminine pig

Old fashioned image of a pig in a bonnet and a basket of flowers.


Pig farmer looking a bit worried, clutching his overalls.

in trash bin

Animation of a pink pig peeking out of a trash can. Canned pork? ;)

While the farmers away...

While the farmers away... the pigs will play.

Pigs playing a card game

Pigs playing poker.